Speed Bump Garage

At Speed Bump Garage, we're not just a YouTube channel; we're a passionate group of gearheads, fueled by the spirit of family and a shared love for all things automotive. Our story revolves around Kent, Jack, and AJ, a dynamic father-sons trio whose collective enthusiasm for wrenching, tinkering, and restoring vehicles knows no bounds. Together, we embark on thrilling automotive escapades that encompass everything from cars to trucks, and on occasion, even buses.

Starting the Journey

Our journey began with a simple idea: to document our automotive adventures, learning experiences, and misadventures for fellow enthusiasts around the globe. Speed Bump Garage is the result of that vision, a channel where we share our automotive expertise, triumphs, and challenges, offering a front-row seat to our exhilarating projects.

GrowJack Outdoors

While Speed Bump Garage is our automotive haven, we also have another side to our lives. For those interested in our farming and outdoor adventures, don't forget to check out our second channel,GrowJackOutdoors. Here, we delve into the serenity of the great outdoors, showcasing our farming endeavors and sharing the joys of rural life.

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